Prayer Book for the Midwestern Agnostic

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Open Mic Tuesday, July 23 @Zorba’s 6:30pm

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The Guild of Poetic Intent’s Open Mic Poetry Night is back on after a two month hiatus. Come on down and read some poems, stories, sing songs, rant rants or just drink beer and eat what I hear is a pretty darn good sandwich. Burn that mic. down!

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A couple things happened lately that prompt me to write on this here WordPress blog pager thing. First, I had my chapbook accepted for publication. It’s actually pretty good (you should buy it). The second thing that happened, chronologically, is that I turned forty. Both of these things made me look carefully at my lazy self, and my eyes moved towards my WordPress page. The fact that there was an advertising for a reading in 2009, suggests that I had left it a ghost town. Other things always seem more important. The third thing that happened, out of chronological order, is I made a New Years Resolution to stop being a lazy writer. 

What I plan to do with this page, my proposed plan that will inevitably fail, is that I actually maintain this cite: switch the sample poems on occasion, get rid of my weird-looking CV page. The other thing I can do is use this as a forum to discuss issues in poetry. I might even include a review once in a while. I plan on updating this at least once a month. 

Prayer Book for the Midwestern Agnostic by Roy Seeger

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Prayer Book for the Midwestern Agnostic by Roy Seeger

Hey Folks, here is a link to my forthcoming chapbook, Prayer Book for the Mid-Western Agnostic. Now, the publisher is selling advanced copies for a discount (if you pay through PayPal). 



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I’ve added some links to the publication page for the journals themselves. You can follow the links to those journals to learn about contributors, submission guidelines and current events.

I’ve also added a page of poems and will be adding a page for links and upcoming events soon. Please, if you have any leads on upcoming poetry events, contests or calls for poems, email manderini at hotmail dot com, or leave the information in a comment.

News and Announcements

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I’ll update this area from time to time with information on contests, calls for papers, events, submission information, links, publications, conferences, readings, and related topics. Please send announcements and updates–I’m happy to post them.