A couple things happened lately that prompt me to write on this here WordPress blog pager thing. First, I had my chapbook accepted for publication. It’s actually pretty good (you should buy it). The second thing that happened, chronologically, is that I turned forty. Both of these things made me look carefully at my lazy self, and my eyes moved towards my WordPress page. The fact that there was an advertising for a reading in 2009, suggests that I had left it a ghost town. Other things always seem more important. The third thing that happened, out of chronological order, is I made a New Years Resolution to stop being a lazy writer. 

What I plan to do with this page, my proposed plan that will inevitably fail, is that I actually maintain this cite: switch the sample poems on occasion, get rid of my weird-looking CV page. The other thing I can do is use this as a forum to discuss issues in poetry. I might even include a review once in a while. I plan on updating this at least once a month. 


~ by royseeger on July 13, 2013.

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