Publications, Grants and Awards

The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds (2008) Main Street Rag
The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds (2008) Main Street Rag




(in order of publication date)

Poetry-The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds. Charlotte, NC; Main Street Rag Publishing Co., Forthcoming, 2008.

Poetry-“The Art of Sleep #4,” “The Art of Sleep #12.” The Laurel Review. Forthcoming, 2008.

Poetry-The Garden of Improbable Birds. Spokane; Gribble Press, 2008.

Poetry-“Heirlooms.” Hayden’s Ferry Review. 42. Spring/Summer, 2008.

Poetry-“The Habits of the Tongue.” Tampa Review. 35. Tampa;U of Tampa P, 2008.

Poetry-“Mayflies.” Broadsided. March, 2008.

Poetry-“Transubstantiation.” Pacific Review. 2007-2008.

Poetry-“The Art of Waving,” “here and all.” Thin Air Magazine. v12. Spring, 2007.

Poetry Chapbook Anthology-“The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds.” Eight: 13th Annual Juried Reading Chapbook- Judged by: Jimmy Santiago Baca. Chicago Poetry Center. Spring, 2007.

Poetry-“A Room for Ghosts.” Q1R2: Buckbee, A Writer, Inc. The 2006 Annual Report. 2007.

Poetry-“Whenever I dance I imitate John Travolta.” 32 Poems. v5.2.  32 Poems Magazine Ltd., 2007.

Poetry-“Theory of Flight/Return/Distance,” “Mayflies.” The Southeast Review. v25.2. Florida State University. 2007.

Poetry-“Gamera Vs. The Schwa.” Green Mountains Review. v20.1-2. Johnson State College. 2007.

Poetry-“Too Many Cooks in the Courtroom,” “Church of Our Lady of Consolation.” Nimrod. 51.1. The University of Tulsa. Fall/Winter, 2007.

Poetry-“Hogan’s Heroes: Sgt. Shultz, Unsure of what He Knows, Considers His Work.” Painted Bride Quarterly. v76 and Annual 4. 2007.

Poetry-“The Art of Sleep #5.” Blue Mesa Review. v19. Spring, 2007.

Poetry-“Cathedral,” and “Starlings.” Controlled Burn. v13. Spring, 2007.

Poetry-“The Wolfman’s Barber.” Red Mountain Review. v2. Alabama School of Fine Arts.             Birmingham, Alabama. 2006.

Poetry-“The Beginning of Human Expression and the Psychology of Experience.” Verse. v23. 1-3. Verse Press. Fall, 2006.

Prose Poetry-“Chores,” “Gothic,”  “Gravity,” and “Routines.” The Mississippi Review. v34.3. McNaughten & Gunn, Inc. Fall, 2006. 

Poetry-“Fear of a Well-Heeled Dog” and “Dedication to the Art of Pain.” Hotel Amerika. v4.2, English Department of Ohio University. Fall, 2006.                                      

Poetry-“Something God Bit.” American Literary Review. v17.1, English Department of the University of North Texas. Spring, 2006.       

Prose Poetry-“When father kills his deer for the season, he keeps all the parts.” Quarter After Eight. v11-12. Ohio University P. 2006.         

Poetry-“Visitations.” Terminus. v6-7. Westcan Printing Group. 2006.

Poetry-“The Mating Habits of Slugs.” Gulf Coast. v18.2. Winter/Spring, 2006.                 

Poetry-“What Breaks Us We End Up Breaking.”  The Cream City Review. v30.1, Spring, 2006.                                                                  

Poetry-“Golem.” West Branch. No. 57, Bucknell University’s Stadler Center for Poetry, Fall/Winter, 2005.

Poetry-“Love in the Shangri-La Trailer Park,” and “Arnold Gets into Playground Fight (Hi-jinks Ensue).” Armchair Citizen. Issue 1, Online Journal. April, 2005.

Poetry-“The Art of Sleep #9.” Verse Daily. Online Journal, April 22, 2005.

Interview-“An Interview with Mary Ruefle.” With Amanda Warren. Third Coast. Spring, 2005.

Poetry Review-“Review of Bob Hicok’s Insomnia Diary.” Third Coast. Spring, 2005.

Poetry-“The Art of Sleep # 11.” LitRag. Issue 19, Summer, 2005.

Poetry-“The Art of Sleep #9.”  The Laurel Review. v39.1, Greentower P. Winter, 2005.

Poetry-“A Variation on Sweetness.” RHINO. The Poetry Forum; Chicago. 2004.

Poetry Review-“Review of Kathleen McGookey’s Whatever Shines.”  Third Coast. Fall, 2003.

Pedagogical Paper-“The 60 Second Poem.” Associated Writing Program: Pedagogy Papers. AWP P. 2003.                                    

Poetry-“Essay on Poetic Moments,” and “The Ocean as I Understand It.” Patterns. 39th Edition. St. Clair County Community College, 1997.

Fiction-“The People Under the Stairs.” Patterns. 36th Edition. St. Clair County Community College, 1994.

Poetry-“Spare Tire Children.” Patterns. 36th Edition. St. Clair County Community College, 1994.

Fiction-“Take These Broken Wings” Patterns. 35th Edition. St. Clair County Community College, 1993.



(In order of date received)


Winner of the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, 2008

Semi-finalist. Waywiser Press Anthony Hecht Poetry Award, 2007.

Gribble Chapbook Contest. The Garden of Improbable Birds. Gribble Press. 2008.

 Finalist. Bright Hill Press Poetry Book Competition. 2007.

 Finalist. Chicago Poetry Center 13th Annual Juried Reading. 2007.

 Buckbee, A Writer, Inc. Sadness Writing Contest. 
“A Room for Ghosts.” Q1R2  Buckbee 2006 Annual Report. 2007.

 Finalist. Red Mountain Review Chapbook Contest. 
“The Art of Diminishing Returns.” Red Mountain Review. 2006.

 Honorable mention. Gwen Frostic Scholarship.
 Western Michigan University Creative Writing Awards: Poetry. 2005.

 The Graduate College Research and Travel Grant.
 Department of English, Western Michigan University. Spring, 2003.

Visiting Writer. Washington Writers Academy.
Kalamazoo, Michigan. Spring, 2004.

The Graduate College Research and Travel Grant.
Department of English, Western Michigan University, Spring 2004.

First place. Emerson Poetry Prize.
Ohio University Poetry Competition. Fall, 1998.

Research and Travel Grant.
Department of English, Ohio University. Spring, 1999.

Teaching Associate. Department of English, Ohio University. 
Fall 1998 to Spring 2000.

Richard J Crowell Award for Innovative Short Story.
Patterns 35th edition. St Clair County Community College. April 1993.


2 Responses to “Publications, Grants and Awards”

  1. Roy’s work, simply put, is astonishing, provocative and most thoughtful. I implore you all, if you have not done so, to read and read his work. I promise you will have a new favorite author sooner rather than later.

  2. Read Roy’s poetry, indeed. It is good for the mind and the matter. You won’t regret the time you spend scanning his verse. I sure haven’t. He has also injected verve into the USCA campus as far as creative writing goes. His regular open mics have a loyal student and citizenry following, and he brings good poets to campus to read almost each semester, and the student literary magazine is gaining writers and readers, and more students want to take his poetry writing courses each term. Poetry is the thing on campus, you might say, and a good thing it is in this day and age.

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